SafeGuard 1.0

A utility that helps you prevent spyware from functioning in real-time
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Are you tired of spyware attacking your browser and changing its settings such as its startpage? Or have you ever seen those about:blank pages displayed suddenly as you try to login into your mailbox, causing some suspicion in you? Are you being redirected to unexpected search-pages as you click on web links, for instance while msn'ing something?

These are surely signs of spyware controlling your computer. Most of them point themselves out by showing unexpected search-pages containing ad-related links when you click on a link. They also attentively collect information invisibly, in order to gather your surfing habits. In summary, they take control of your browser software and destroy your computing experience.

With Safeguard, you can protect your computer by preventing spyware from functioning in real-time. Safeguard is not a spyware removal tool, but is a prevention tool running in background. While you are surfing web pages, it simply prevents spyware from accessing your browser, your Windows registry settings, registry BHO records, CLSID records, your start-page setting, built-in search channel (MSN Search) etc. Shortly, Safeguard controls (blocks) all the bridges/ways which the spyware may possibly use.

Safeguard has 4 security levels which can be set during functioning: Basic, Medium, Medium-High and Maximum. For example, the basic security level only protects your browser start page while a medium-high level protects your start page, as well as your MSN search channel.

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